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Danza Macabra Volume One: The Italian Gothic Collection Severn Films Box Set [NEW]

Danza Macabra Volume One: The Italian Gothic Collection Severn Films Box Set [NEW]

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In a genre known for its castles, crypts and candelabras, Italian Gothic also embraced themes of violence, madness and sexual deviance. With these 4 films, those impulses dare to go even deeper: In 1964's THE MONSTER OF THE OPERA, director Renato Polselli and screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi craft a surreal erotic shocker set within a contemporary dance troupe. Perhaps the genre's rarest film, the berserk supernatural narrative of 1965's THE SEVENTH GRAVE also makes it among the strangest. For 1970's SCREAM OF THE DEMON LOVER, director José Luis Merino gathers classic traditions, then strips them naked and ties them to a torture rack. And 1971's LADY FRANKENSTEIN delivers iconic EuroCult talent on both sides of the camera for one of the most luridly entertaining shockers of the decade. The films in this collection are now fully restored from their original negatives, with 12+ collective hours of Special Features.




  • Commentary With Kat Ellinger
  • Interview With Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Interview With Mark Thompson-Ashworth
  • Archival Audio Interview With Renato Polselli




  • Commentary With Rachael Nisbet
  • Interview With Fabio Melelli
  • Video Essay By Rachel Knightley




  • Commentary With Rod Barnett & Robert Monell
  • Interview With Erna Schurer
  • Video Essay By Stephen Thrower




  • Commentary With Kat Ellinger & Annie Rose Malamet
  • Commentary With Alan Jones & Kim Newman
  • Featurette With Rosalba Neri & Fabio Melelli
  • Piecing Together LADY FRANKENSTEIN
  • Documentary Short On Mel Welles
  • German TV Documentary
  • Clothed Insert Shots
  • Video Short Illustrating BBFC Censorship Cuts
  • Italian Opening Credits
  • Italian LADY FRANKENSTEIN Photo Novel
  • And More!



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