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Funeral Home Scream Factory Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Funeral Home Scream Factory Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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Young and easily frightened Heather (Lesleh Donaldson, Happy Birthday To Me) is called to stay with her grandmother in the hopes of helping her turn an old funeral home into a bed-and-breakfast. But strange happenings and unexplained murders around the home quickly make this vacation spot a "dead-and-breakfast." It is up to Heather to investigate the eerie and creepy corners of the former funeral home to unlock a decades-old secret. Will she survive long enough to solve the mystery???


NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historians Jason Pichonsky And Paul Corupe
NEW Isolated Score Selections & Audio Interview With Music Historian Douglass Fake
NEW Audio Interviews With Actor Lesleh Donaldson, First Assistant Director Ray Sager, And Production Assistant Shelley Allen
NEW “Secrets & Shadows” - Interview With Director Of Photography Mark Irwin
NEW “Dead & Breakfast” Interviews With Art Director Susan Longmire And Set Assistant Elinor Galbraith
NEW “Family Owned & Operated” Interview With Brian Allen, President Of Premier Drive-In Theatres
NEW Original Filming Location Footage
Theatrical Trailer
Video Trailer
TV Spots
Radio Spots
Still Gallery

Limited edition slipcover with first pressing.

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