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Identification Marks: None & Hands Up! BFI Blu-Ray [NEW]

Identification Marks: None & Hands Up! BFI Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Two early features from director Jerzy Skolimowski, released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK.

Identification Marks: None (1965): A day in the life of student Andrzej (played by Skolimowski himself) who, between the morning and late afternoon, gives up on his studies, breaks up with his partner, and decides to join the army. Before his departure, Andrzej tries to straighten out his life, and encounters Barbara, who he sees as the woman he has always waited for.


Hands Up! (1981): The fourth of a series of semi-autobiographical films in which Skolimowski plays his alter ego Andrzej Leszczyc Hands Up! was made in 1967 but was banned for 18 years by Poland’s then Communist regime. After Poland’s liberation, Skolimowski was invited to revisit the film which he duly did, adding a 20 minute sequence that explains why the film was so withheld by the censors.



  • Newly recorded audio commentaries on both films by Michel Oleszczyk
  • Archive interview with Jerzy Skolimowski (1983)
  • Video essay by Polish film expert Michael Brooke
  • Illustrated booklet with new writing on the films by Ewa Mazierska
  • Other extras TBC
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