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Tokyo Decadence Limited Edition 88 Films Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Tokyo Decadence Limited Edition 88 Films Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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After a particularly rough session, prostitute Ai (Henry Fool's Miho Nikaido) consults a fortune teller (Yayoi Kusama) who advises her to do three things to safeguard herself: 1) place a telephone directory under her television set, 2) avoid art galleries in the east, and 3) find a pink stone and have it made into a ring. Still pining for her celebrity ex-boyfriend (novelist Masahiko Shimada) who left the country six months before and has since returned without contacting her, Ai is eager to try anything to better her life. Ai puts the phone books under her television, is not planning to travel anytime soon, and buys an expensive topaz ring. Her next assignment is an extended threesome with crooked businessman Satoh (author Tenmei Kano) and his mistress that is intense but monetarily rewarding. During this encounter, she manages to lose the topaz ring; however, the next day she and another prostitute (Sayoko Amano) – whose dominant nature she envies – are sent back to the same hotel for another client.

High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) Presentation in 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio
Original Mono 2.0 Audio
Audio commentary by Japanese film specialists Jasper Sharp and Tom Mes
Original Promotional Featurette
New improved subtitles by Hayley Scanlon
Booklet essay by critic Hayley Scanlon
Includes OBI Strip

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