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Horror High / Stanley Limited Edition Vinegar Syndrome Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Horror High / Stanley Limited Edition Vinegar Syndrome Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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In the early 70s, independent filmmakers based in the American south found a fruitful way to make a living in low budget horror movies destined for the drive-in market. Reveling in lurid and absurd concepts, these films are just as much windows into the cultures which bred them as they are wild rides into the most outlandish areas of exploitation cinema. Vinegar Syndrome’s Drive-In Collection presents these two classics of regional horror together on Blu-ray for the first time.

In Larry Stouffer’s Texas lensed HORROR HIGH (1973), bespectacled chemistry nerd Vernon Potts is the target of non-stop bullying from his fellow students and teachers alike, with his only true friend being the class guinea pig, Mr. Mumps. While conducting an experiment using Mr. Mumps as a test subject, Vernon discovers a formula that turns the harmless creature into a snarling beast. After being caught, he drinks the formula himself, transforming into a bloodthirsty killer and begins brutally slaying all those who wronged him. Starring Pat Cardi (TV’s It’s About Time) and Austin Stoker (Assault on Precinct 13), HORROR HIGH hits Blu-ray newly restored in 2K and finally presented in its legendary and fully uncensored version, restoring all the additional bloodshed deemed too extreme by the MPAA!

William Grefé has maintained one of the longest and most diverse careers in exploitation history, all but creating Florida’s exploitation film industry. In STANLEY (1972), his answer to the ‘animals attack’ film craze, Cliff Robinson stars as Tim, a quiet Seminole who finds his life turned upside down by vicious poachers who begin to kill his beloved snakes. Harnessing his powers over them, he uses the slithering creatures to exact murderous revenge against all those who wronged him, eventually kidnapping the daughter of a wealthy business man who is determined to push Tim off of his land… Balancing social commentary with suspense and action, STANLEY co-stars Alex Rocco (The Godfather) and makes its Blu-ray debut from a new, 2K restoration of its original negative.

Region Free 2-disc Blu-ray Set
Reversible cover artwork
English SDH subtitles

Newly scanned & restored in 2K from the only known and fully-uncut 16mm lab print
Commentary track with lead actor Pat Cardi
“Cheerleaders on Tap” - a brand new interview with Pat Cardi
“Looking Back” - an archival interview with Pat Cardi
“Still Amazed” - an interview with screenwriter J.D. Feigelson
“Gossip” - an interview with actress Michelle Falerne
“I Would Do It Again” - an interview with actor John Niland
Multiple television spots
Original theatrical trailer

Newly scanned & restored in 2K from its 35mm original camera negative
Commentary track with screenwriter Gary Crutcher
“Dark Side of Eden” - an extensive making-of documentary featuring interviews with its cast and crew
“Stanley Goes Hollywood” - a Q&A from a screening at the New Beverly Cinema
“Stanley: Revisited” - a featurette exploring the locations of STANLEY with director William Grefé
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