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Lars Von Trier Limited Edition A Curzon Collection Blu-Ray Box Set [NEW]

Lars Von Trier Limited Edition A Curzon Collection Blu-Ray Box Set [NEW]

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Lars von Trier | A Curzon Collection - 14 Blu-Ray Collector Set


Known for his restless technical innovation and rebellious approach, Lars von Trier’s work has confronted taboo subjects and existential problems of the human condition with both thorny, troubled intelligence and puckish humour. Having courted ardent fans and enemies in equal measure during his nearly 40-year career, this extensive collection of works from one of world cinema's most renowned and daring provocateurs features films from his Dogme 95 years (The Idiots, Breaking the Waves) and beyond (Melancholia, Antichrist, Dogville), including the Directors’ Cut of Nymphomaniac.


14 Blu-ray collector set including 7 restored films

3 collectible posters and 1 wide poster of the cover illustration by Daniele Castellano

68-page booklet including new essays by Slavoj Zizek, Catherine Wheatley, Steven Ryder and more.

2 Digipaks and hardcover slipcase in a canvas Curzon Collection slipcase

Illustration by Daniele Castellano

Design by Andrew Bannister



Element of Crime (restored)

Epidemic (restored)

Europa (restored)

Breaking the Waves (restored)

The Idiots (restored)

Dogville (restored)

The Five Obstructions


The Boss of it All (restored)



Nymphomaniac: The Director’s Cut - Volumes I & II

The House that Jack Built



Over 12 hours of special features including interviews with Lars von Trier and cast, commentaries, behind-the-scenes, featurettes, casting tapes, extended and deleted scenes, and theatrical trailers.

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