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Robotrix Limited Edition 88 Films Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Robotrix Limited Edition 88 Films Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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From the heady days of early 90s Hong Kong exploitation cinema comes Robotrix, a hi-octane, fast and furious science fiction romp, packed with glorious action sequences and bonkers plotlines. When evil inventor Ryuichi Sakamato (Chung Lin) transfers his mind into that of a powerful cyborg, he becomes a murderer and rapist. But when one of his victims, Police officer Selena Lin (Chikako Aoyama) becomes super robot Eve-27, she teams up with android sidekick Ann (Amy Yip) and together they seek to bring the criminally insane scientist to justice.

Like a crazy mix of The Terminator (1981), The Power Rangers and of course, Robocop (1987) Robotrix, combines the mad doctor movie with extreme martial arts to deliver a sexy, seductive, bionic tale of lust and violence given a uniquely Asian futuristic spin.



  • Rigid slipcase with brand-new artwork by R.P. “Kung Fu Bob” O’Brien

  • Double-Sided Foldout Poster featuring new artwork and original HK poster

  • 6 Replica Lobby Cards

  • 80-page perfect bound book including an interview with director Jamie Luk, an interview with Robotrix actor Vincent Lyn, Robotrix versus censorship’ by Matthew Edwards and ‘VHS Cat III Cinema boom of the 90s’ by Tim Murray


  • UNCUT HD restoration in original 1:85:1 aspect ratio
  • English LPCM Mono
  • Cantonese LPCM Mono
  • Newly translated optional English Subtitles and SDH
  • Introduction with Director Jamie Luk
  • Audio Commentary with HK Cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema
  • Scenes From the Alternative Version
  • English Language Titles
  • Hong Kong Trailer
  • English Trailer
  • Reversible sleeve with original Hong Kong poster artwork and brand-new artwork from R.P. “Kung Fu Bob” O’Brien
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