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Lost Faith Limited Edition Saturn's Core Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Lost Faith Limited Edition Saturn's Core Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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Steve Nekoda (Joel D. Wynkoop) is a good guy having a bad day. After run-ins with both the corrupt local cops and a satanic biker gang, his world is turned upside down when his beautiful, model wife is kidnapped by an evil karate master (David Bardsley) and his nefarious henchmen; who keep a harem of abducted women confined in a jungle prison awaiting their sale into a white slavery ring. Nekoda soon realizes that it will require much more than just his heroic courage and martial arts expertise to defeat his enemies and rescue his wife. He must first reach deep down inside his soul and attempt to regain his Lost Faith!

Lost Faith is a brain melting, SOV martial arts / action passion project from B-movie luminary (and frequent Tim Ritter collaborator) Joel D. Wynkoop (Creep, Killing Spree), who wrote, produced, directed, edited, starred, and even sang the film’s memorable theme song! Shot regionally in and around South Florida, Lost Faith delivers a high octane roundhouse kick of backyard karate hijinks, over the top amateur thespians, and a head-scratching dose of Christian moral overtones that lands somewhere between the bewildering, do-all antics of Champagne and Bullets and a poverty row Chuck Norris epic. Saturn’s Core is proud to present Lost Faith in its definitive Blu-Ray edition, newly compiled with a treasure trove of over 8 hours of special features!

Region Free Blu-ray
Newly unearthed extended director’s cut (86 min.)
Introduction by director Joel D. Wynkoop
Original VHS cut of Lost Faith (80 min.) with optional audio commentary featuring director / star Joel D. Wynkoop & assistant director Sean McCarthy
“Stay Hungry: The Making of Lost Faith” - archival making-of documentary (60 min.)
90 minutes of rare dailies & behind the scenes footage from the making of Lost Faith!
Archival TV news interviews & appearances
Alternate “flashback” opening
Alternate “flashback” ending
“The Set Up” (1979) - early super 8mm film by Joel D. Wynkoop that inspired Lost Faith
“Nekoda” (2018) -sequel short starring Joel D. Wynkoop directed by Marcus Kempton
Joel D. Wynkoop at Screamfest 2007
Audition reel
TV spot
Reversible cover art
English SDH subtitles

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