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Remember the Night Limited Edition Indicator Powerhouse Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Remember the Night Limited Edition Indicator Powerhouse Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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With its sparkling screenplay by Preston Sturges (The Great McGinty, The Palm Beach Story), this much-loved romantic comedy paired screen legends Barbara Stanwyck (The Lady Eve, Forty Guns) and Fred MacMurray (Double Indemnity, The Absent-Minded Professor) for the very first time.

Stanwyck plays Lee Leander, a shoplifter who faces a lonely Christmas in prison, while MacMurray is the strait-laced New York District Attorney who takes pity on her and organises her release on bail. After he offers to drive her to visit her family, a trouble-filled road-trip ensues and an unlikely romance blossoms.

Directed by Mitchell Leisen (Easy Living, Hold Back the Dawn), and featuring acting support from Beulah Bondi (It’s a Wonderful Life) and Elizabeth Patterson (The Cat and the Canary), Remember the Night is an all-time classic comedy from Hollywood's golden age. This individually numbered Limited Edition includes a fascinating selection of new and archival extra features, a poster, and an 80-page book.


  • High Definition remaster
  • Original mono audio
  • Audio commentary with film historian Adrian Martin (2022)
  • Geoff Andrew on ‘Remember the Night’ (2022): the author and programmer revisits the film, exploring the contributions of star Fred MacMurray, writer Preston Sturges and director Mitchell Leisen
  • Pamela Hutchinson on Barbara Stanwyck (2022): the critic assesses the life and career of the iconic silver-screen star, and her role in Remember the Night
  • Lux Radio Theatre: ‘Remember the Night’ (1940): radio adaptation which sees MacMurray and Stanwyck reprise their roles from the film
  • Lux Radio Theatre: ‘Remember the Night’ (1942): second radio adaptation, this time pairing MacMurray with Jean Arthur
  • Hollywood Victory Canteen (1945): short promotional film starring Barbara Stanwyck and many other Hollywood names, including Humphrey Bogart, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, and Alan Ladd
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Image gallery: promotional and publicity material
  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Limited edition exclusive 80-page book with a new essay by Rick Burin, archival interviews with cast and crew, articles on the careers of director Mitchell Leisen and screenwriter Preston Sturges, an overview of contemporary critical responses, writing on Hollywood Victory Canteen, and full film credits
  • Limited edition exclusive poster
  • UK premiere on Blu-ray
  • Limited edition of 3,000 copies
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