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Schreck Limited Edition Terror Vision Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER] [SLIPCOVER]

Schreck Limited Edition Terror Vision Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER] [SLIPCOVER]

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Three horror movie obsessives (William Lantry, Anthony Van Deuren, T.K. Malone) dream up a séance to bring Max Shreck back from the dead. Unfortunately, their improvised plan actually works and Shreck returns to wreak murderous havoc in our time and in his.

A truly independent film made by Full Moon veterans Don Adams and Harry Picardi when they were just kids, Shreck represents regional filmmaking at its most raw and daring. Terror Vision is proud to present this lost SOV shocker on Blu-ray for the first time, transferred from the original 3M master tape and with new special features that tell the tale behind this infamous slasher.

Commentary with Don Adams and Harry Picardi
Interviews w/ Don Adams and Harry Picardi
Promotional Trailer
Newly Created Captions

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