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Space Monster Wangmagwi SRS Cinema DVD [NEW]

Space Monster Wangmagwi SRS Cinema DVD [NEW]

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Aliens from another world seeking the conquest of Earth invade with flying saucers. They unleash a gigantic monster called Wangmagwi, who destroys everything in its path. The Air Force, led by ace pilot Oh Jeong-hwan, is dispatched, but can do little in such still heavily populated areas. Amidst the carnage, the Space Monster picks up Oh Jeong-hwan's bride, Ahn Hee, carrying her along as it carries out the alien orders. However, when it tries to crush a young boy, named Spider, the kid evades the monster by scrambling up its arm and hitching a ride in the monster's ear. He tortures it from within, cutting through its ear drum and, after finding a path to the nostrils, stabbing its inner nasal cavity. Eventually, Wangmagwi deploys a powerful death ray, melting entire buildings, forcing Oh to finally take action. He executes a risky plan to save his bride and the kid, while hopefully stopping the beast once and for all. "Space Monster Wangmagwi" is a 1967 South Korean kaiju film. It was the second giant monster film to be made in South Korea (and first feature length one). A holy grail among kaiju fans, it was long thought to be lost until an original print emerged out of the blue a few years ago. It is being released on physical media for the FIRST time EVER - anywhere in the world - thanks to SRS Cinema.


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Bonus Materials

  • Commentary by Sueng-hoon Jeong (Assistant Professor of Film and Electronic Arts at California State University Long Beach) and Author and Kaiju Historian John Goodrich.
  • Acquiring the Monster
  • ”The Fans Speak” - testimonials, shorts, trailers, art & more!
  • Official Trailer
  • Kaiju Trailers
  • SRS Trailer
  • And more!
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