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The Amazing Mr. X The Film Detective Blu-Ray [NEW]

The Amazing Mr. X The Film Detective Blu-Ray [NEW]

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From out of the surf it came...a familiar voice...a voice that belonged to the afterlife!

An atmospheric masterpiece, The Amazing Mr. X stars Turhan Bey as Alexis, a mystery man who claims to communicate with spirits. Appearing on the beach one night, Alexis easily charms a depressed widow and her sister (Lynn Bari and Cathy O'Donnell). The sly Alexis makes a living by separating gullible people from their money, but before this tale is over he will learn that the living are far more dangerous than the dead. Thanks to exceptional cinematography by John Alton, director Bernard Vorhaus delivers a film that oozes weird passion and sinister suspense. This is a movie that breathes right on your neck!


Commentary by Professor and Film Scholar, Jason A. Ney

Full Color Booklet with essay, "The Amazing Mr. Bey," by Don Stradley

An original Ballyhoo Motion Picture Production

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