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Alien from the Abyss Severin Films Blu-Ray [NEW]

Alien from the Abyss Severin Films Blu-Ray [NEW]

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For one of the final films of his legendary career, director Antonio Margheriti (CASTLE OF BLOOD, WAR OF THE PLANETS, CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE) headed to the Philippines to deliver “the perfect ‘80s Italian popcorn flick” (Mondo Digital): When environmental activists attempt to expose an evil corporation (led by Charles Napier of SUPERVIXENS and RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II fame) dumping nuclear waste into the local volcano, they’ll instead discover graphic gore, exploding miniatures and a rampaging full-scale kaiju-style creature that remains “one of the most bizarre-looking monsters ever created” (The Bloody Pit of Horror). Luciano Pigozzi (STRIKE COMMANDO) co-stars in “a helluva entertaining monster movie” (Schmollywood Babylon) written by Tito Carpi (RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS), now scanned in 4K from the original negative with Special Features that include the North American premiere of the 2013 documentary on Margheriti directed by his son Edoardo.


Special Features:


  • From The Center Of The Earth – Interview With Edoardo Margheriti
  • Son Of The Outsider – Interview With THE OUTSIDER Director Edoardo Margheriti
  • Trailer
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