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Deep Undead Limited Edition Saturn's Core Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Deep Undead Limited Edition Saturn's Core Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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When a pair of divers go missing near The Catfish, the notorious site of a mysterious 1920s shipwreck, a tenacious news reporter Megan Flowers (Pamela Sutch) becomes determined to unravel the mysterious connection between the divers’ disappearance and the ominous nuclear power plant located on the shores of the small coastal community. When a local, close knit group of salvage divers are enlisted to search the area, the tension mounts as the shores become awash in radioactive corpses and bloodsucking, mutant vampire humanoids!

Started in 1999 but not released on video until 2005, Saturn’s Core is proud to present the definitive release of director Dave Castiglione’s elusive, shot on video, aquatic eco-horror epic Deep Undead. An homage to the underwater creature features of the 1980’s that features a cavalcade of ‘90s SOV luminaries including Pamela Sutch (Psycho Sisters), Dawn Murphy (Backwoods Marcy), Mick McCleery (Addicted to Murder), Debbie D. (Burglar From Hell), Laura Giglio (Sorority Slaughter), & Osman Karriem (Love Is a Stranger Again), Deep Undead takes a deep dive into terror with its atmospheric scares, pulsing synth score, telepathic mutant sexcapades, and hypnotic underwater videography.

Region Free Blu-ray
New transfer of the 2019 director’s cut version from the original SVHS master (104 min.)
Audio commentary with director Dave Castiglione moderated by Ross Snyder of Saturn’s Core
New transfer of the original 2005 VHS cut from the original SVHS master
"Diving Deeper Into Deep Undead” -a new feature length retrospective documentary featuring director Dave Castiglione, composer Matt Cannon, author Richard Mogg, and stars Debbie D., Laura Giglio, Mick McCleery, & Phil Herman
Q&A from the 2019 cast & crew reunion screening at the Blue Moon Theatre
“Beyond the Deep Undead” -archival making-of featurette
Two alternate endings
“Open House” (2020) -a short film directed by Matt Cannon starring Deep Undead filmmaker Dave Castiglione
Photo / artwork gallery
Reversible cover art
English SDH subtitles

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