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Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf Mondo Macabro Blu-Ray [NEW]

Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf Mondo Macabro Blu-Ray [NEW]

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This is the fifth film to feature Spanish actor Paul Naschy as Waldemar the Wolfman. The previous episode – FURY OF THE WOLFMAN – had not been well received. Naschy was determined to get the series back on track and with his next appearance as the Wolfman he pulled out all the stops. Here, he comes to swinging seventies London, seeking a cure to his malady. Unfortunately he meets Dr Jekyll, who injects him with a serum that turns him into the lascivious killer, Mr Hyde.

In his top hat and black cloak, Hyde haunts the fleshpots of Soho, while two gorgeous women fight for possession of his wolfman soul.

Top grade Euro-horror and definitely the craziest werewolf film ever. Disc includes both the Spanish cut and the rarely seen export version of the film.

Paul Naschy on Dr Jekyll
Interview with Sergio Molina
Jack Taylor, testigo del fantástico, directed by Diego López-Fernández
Jack Taylor on Fantaterror
Film maker Victor Matellano on the career of director Leon Klimovsky
Audio commentary from the Naschy cast

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