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Fat City Indicator Powerhouse Blu-Ray [NEW]

Fat City Indicator Powerhouse Blu-Ray [NEW]

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John Huston’s sombre but compassionate boxing drama is a criminally underseen late-career masterpiece from the great director. Peppered with outstanding performances this gritty yet affectionate look at the world of small-time boxing highlights a down-and-out fighter and a young up-and-comer, both moving through a world of seedy gyms and flop houses.


  • 4K restoration from the original negative
  • Original mono audio
  • Alternative 5.1 surround sound track
  • Audio commentary by film historians Lem Dobbs and Nick Redman
  • Sucker Punch Blues: Looking Back on John Huston’s 'Fat City' (2017, 55 mins): new documentary featuring interviews with actors Stacy Keach and Candy Clark, casting director Fred Roos and assistant cameraman Gary Vidor.
  • An American Classic (2015, 22 mins): a newly illustrated audio interview with Fat City author Leonard Gardner 
  • John Huston on Fat City (1972, 6 mins): an archival interview filmed for the French TV programme Pour le cinéma.
  • The John Player Lecture with John Huston (1972, 88 mins): audio recording of an interview conducted by Brian Baxter at the National Film Theatre, London 
  • Isolated score 
  • Original theatrical trailer 
  • Image gallery 
  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing 
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