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Luminous Procuress Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

Luminous Procuress Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

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The only feature film by artist, mystic and polymath Steven Arnold, Luminous Procuress is a bold, experimental, mind-and-gender-bending odyssey of unabashed hedonism. A celebration of otherness, of pan-sexuality, and of the exotic, Luminous Procuress is a truly unique work of Art.

Often compared to the works of Fellini and Kenneth Anger, and featuring the outrageous talents of San Francisco's avant garde drag troupe The Cockettes, as well as artist Ruth Weiss, the film was an underground sensation upon release, but disappeared from circulation for many years. Now fully restored in all its sensuous glory, Luminous Procuress is ready to be discovered anew.

Luminous Procuress is presented from a glorious new 2K restoration and makes its world premiere on Blu-ray.


  • Luminous Procuress presented from an HD transfer of the complete and uncut version of the film from the new 2K restoration by the Pacific Film Archive and the Cinema Preservation Alliance.
  • Producer Harry Tsvi Strauch on Steven Arnold and Luminous Procuress.
  • Curator Steve Seid on the history and early restoration of Luminous Procuress.
  • Booklet featuring new writing by film scholar and critic Elena Gorfinkel, and an essay by Steve Seid.
  • World premiere on Blu-ray.
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