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Psycho Paul's Film Festival Limited Edition VHSHitfest Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Psycho Paul's Film Festival Limited Edition VHSHitfest Blu-Ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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A bloody, sadistically funny satire of cheap horror exploitation films. Psycho Paul, a sinister, egotistical filmmaker introduces previews and scenes from his films as a tribute to himself. He believes that his films are the greatest and worst films ever made. Paul Van Dan Elzen sharpened his skills on the sets of some of Todd Sheets’ classic SOV films before turning the camera on himself, his brother, and his mom and making one of the most mind-meltingly absurd movies ever released. Trust us, you have never seen another movie like this. VHSHITFEST is so proud to present this mesmerizing outsider art epic for the first time ever on disc complete with hours and hours of extras.

Region Free Blu-ray
Introduction by Psycho Paul
Audio Commentary with the filmmakers
Archival Todd Sheets and Paul Van Dan Elzen interview
New Todd Sheets interview
Raw Footage
“The Cleansing of Psycho Paul” featurette
“A Psycho’s Story: The Making of Psycho Paul’s Film Festival”
Easter Egg
English SDH subtitles

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