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The Bat Whispers VCI Entertainment Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER]

The Bat Whispers VCI Entertainment Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER]

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Street Date: AUGUST

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An infamous burglar and jewel thief known as "The Bat" plays cat and mouse with the police and terrorizes the occupants of a mansion, leased from a bank president who is in Europe. After the town bank is robbed, "the Bat" and a cashier named, Brook, who disappeared afterwards, are the main suspects. Strange things begin to occur in the mansion, such as mysterious noises, lights being turned on and off and an ominous shadow is seen by the occupants. When a rock is thrown through a window with a threatening note telling the occupants to leave 'or else', the renter, Cornelia Van Gorder, and her guests, suspect the money from the robbery might be hidden there. They begin a search for a hidden room, hoping to find the stolen money but when Ms. Gorder's guests begin turning up dead, she fears "The Bat" is trying to keep them from finding his 'Stash."


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Bonus Materials

  • Commentary by Mick LaSalle, Photo Gallery
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