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The Devil's Trap Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

The Devil's Trap Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

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The first in František Vláčil’s trilogy of beautifully realised historical epics (which also includes his legendary works Marketa Lazarová and The Valley of the Bees), The Devil’s Trap is set in 16th century Bohemia where a miller and his son find themselves under investigation by Inquisition authorities after daring to question the local landowner’s decision to build on unstable land.

Evoking a time where religious authority holds sway, and an understanding of the natural world is interpreted as evidence of a diabolical pact, The Devil’s Trap stunningly creates a cruel but credible world torn between superstition and science.


  • The Devil's Trap (Ďáblova past, 1961) presented from a new HD transfer from original materials created by the Czech National Film Archive, Prague.
  • In the Web of Time (V síti času, 1989): cinematographer František Uldrich’s documentary portrait of Vláčil.
  • The Week Starts on Friday (Týden začíná v pátek, 1962): Elmar Kloss’ short film about Czech cinema exhibition in the early 1960s, and featuring The Devils Trap.
  • Booklet featuring a new essay on the film by author and Czechoslovak cinema specialist Peter Hames.
  • New and improved English subtitle translation.
  • World premiere on Blu-ray.
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