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The Profane Exhibit Unearthed Films Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER]

The Profane Exhibit Unearthed Films Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER]

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Street Date: SEPTEMBER

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Ladies and gentlemen! My fellow creatures of the night! You are invited to join us on a perilous journey into the land of the damned. Please ensure to keep your limbs safely inside the speeding vehicle at all times, for what you are about to witness is a dangerous miracle of the macabre. Ten renowned horror movie directors from all over the world have recreated their most gruesome dreams and frenzied nightmares for your viewing displeasure. Your ticket entitles you to enjoy a surfeit of screams, palpitations, and gut-wrenching violence - the like of which has never before been seen by man or beast. Watch your step, don't look behind you, and try to keep your eyes open because you are about to witness..."THE PROFANE EXHIBIT."

Bonus Materials

  • Audio Commentary by Director Michael Todd Schneider and Producer Amanda Manuel and Ultra Violent Magazine's Art Ettinger
  • Tiffany Blem Interviews Jeremy Kasten
  • Tiffany Blem Interviews Uwe Boll
  • Tiffany Blem Interviews Amanda Manuel
  • Tiffany Blem Interviews Michael Todd Schneider
  • A Mini Documentary 'Ten Years Later' by Marion Dora
  • Awakened Manna
  • Footage from the World Premiere
  • Gallery
  • Trailers
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