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The Story Of Hong Gil-Dong SRS Cinema DVD [NEW]

The Story Of Hong Gil-Dong SRS Cinema DVD [NEW]

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Adapted from "Hong Gildong Jeon", a classic Korean novel written during the Joseon Dynasty, "The Story of Hong Gil-dong" follows the illegitimate son of a nobleman, banished from his family due to the predictions of a fake prophecy. Out of his home, Hong Gil-dong witnesses first hand the injustices of society. Along with his sidekick Chadol Bawi, the pair steal from a corrupt Magistrate and return the money to the poor. But when the Magistrate brings in more forces, Hong Gil-dong must retreat to the mountains and train under a wise wizard. His sanity is put to the test through strange hallucinations and vigorous training, but years later he emerges to rally the local rebels in an attempt to unseat the corrupt aristocrates. But with the Magistrate having grown even more powerful, will Hong Gil-dong and his band of merry men be able to save his father and all of Korea? South Korea's first ever animated feature, this epic adventure has been remastered and released for the first time ever in North America!

Bonus Materials

  • English subtitles
  • ”Hong Gil-Dong: The History Behind Korea's Old Fable”
  • Trailer
  • SRS Trailers
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