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Undefeatable Vinegar Syndrome 4K UHD/Blu-Ray [NEW]

Undefeatable Vinegar Syndrome 4K UHD/Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Kristi Jones (Cynthia Rothrock) is a street tough member of a martial arts gang known as the Red Dragons. In an attempt to go straight and leave the gang life behind, Kristi participates in mafia run back alley street fights in an attempt to win enough money to put her sister through college. Meanwhile, a sadistic fighter known as Stingray becomes increasingly violent while taking part in unsanctioned fights to the death. When Stingray's wife leaves him due to his increasingly aggressive behavior, Stingray loses his grip on reality and begins raping, murdering, and removing the eyes of any woman that resembles his wife. When Stingray turns his murderous rage on Kristi's sister, Kristi has no choice but to reluctantly team up with Nick, a martial arts trained detective, in an attempt to stop Stingray's rampage before more women turn up dead.

Directed by notorious Hong Kong filmmaker, Godfrey Ho (under one of his many pseudonyms), UNDEFEATABLE has obtained true cult status thanks in large part to its now infamous final fight. Starring the always bad-ass Cynthia Rothrock (Righting Wrongs, Martial Law) in one of her most memorable roles, as well as an impressive martial arts performance by John Miller (Honor and Glory), and featuring an eye-popping performance by Don Niam in one of his few acting roles. Vinegar Syndrome is proud to present one of our most requested titles, UNDEFEATABLE, for the first time on Blu-ray and 4K UHD, restored from the original camera negative. Also, included in this set is the rarely seen alternate Hong Kong cut released under the title BLOODY MARY KILLER. In true Godfrey Ho fashion, the film was re-edited into an almost new movie, featuring more fight scenes, an entirely new subplot involving Triad gangsters, as well as additional characters, including known martial arts actor Robin Shou (Mortal Kombat).

directed by: Godfrey Ho
starring: Cynthia Rothrock, Don Niam, John Miller, Donna Jason
1993 / 95 min / 1.85:1 / English Mono

Additional info:

  • 3-disc Region Free Set: 4K Ultra HD / Blu-ray x2
  • 4K UHD presented in High-Dynamic-Range
  • Newly scanned & restored in 4K from its 35mm original camera negative
  • Presented in both its English language UNDEFEATABLE version and its wildly different BLOODY MARY KILLER version in both Cantonese and Mandarin with newly translated English subtitles
  • Brand new commentary track with actress Cynthia Rothrock (UNDEFEATABLE)
  • Brand new commentary track with filmmaker & film historian Brandon Bentley (BLOODY MARY KILLER)
  • "Godfrey Ho Discusses Undefeatable" (15 min) - a brand new interview with producer / director Godfrey Ho
  • "It’s a Cartoon with People" (18 min) - a brand new interview with cinematographer Phil Cook
  • "Street Fighter" (12 min) - a brand new interview with actress Cynthia Rothrock
  • "They Call Him Stingray" (25 min) - a brand new interview with actor Don Niam
  • "A Mind for Action" (16 min) - a brand new interview with actress / assistant director Donna Jason
  • "Cynthia Rothrock: A Legendary Life" (14 min) - a video essay by film historians Samm Deighan & Charles Perks
  • "Undefeatable vs. Bloody Mary Killer” (8 min) - a video essay comparing the two versions by filmmaker Chris O’Neill
  • Original trailers for both UNDEFEATABLE and BLOODY MARY KILLER
  • 12-page booklet with an essay by writer and film historian Danielle Burgos
  • Reversible sleeve artwork
  • English SDH subtitles
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