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Bloodmoon Severin Films Blu-Ray [NEW]

Bloodmoon Severin Films Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Though it arrived near the end of the cycle, it remains the most satisfyingly depraved - yet least-seen - old-school slasher in Ozploitation history: Someone is butchering students at St. Elizabeth's Girls School, complete with gratuitous nudity, graphic gore, obnoxious teens, creepy cuckolds, barbed wire garroting, '80s Aussie glam-metal band Vice, an acid-flinging nun and heaps more. Leon Lissek (COUNTESS DRACULA), Christine Amor (SNAPSHOT) and Helen Thomson (ELVIS) star in the directorial debut of acclaimed UK cameraman/cinematographer Alec Mills (Polanski's MACBETH, RETURN OF THE JEDI, THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS) with a standout score by Brian May (THE ROAD WARRIOR, PATRICK), now scanned uncut in 4K from the negative at The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and complete with 'The BLOODMOON Fright Break Challenge' for the first time ever in America.

Special Features

  • Film Buffs Forecast Audio Interview With Actor Leon Lissek Conducted In 2000 By Paul Harris And Mark Hartley
  • Interview With Actress Christine Amor From NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD
  • Trailer
  • Fright Break Trailer
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