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Chocolat BFI Blu-Ray [NEW]

Chocolat BFI Blu-Ray [NEW]

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France, a young French woman, returns to the site of her childhood at a colonial outpost in Cameroon. A quiet young girl, she observes the world around her, from her parents to their servants. She forms a friendship with their housekeeper, Protée, but soon discovers the complexities of Protée’s charged relationship with her mother and her houseguests.


Claire Denis’ quasi-autobiographical exploration of the colonial power struggle in Cameroon is the first in a series of her films exploring French colonialism and racism in West Africa. A Palme D’Or nominee, Chocolat is a remarkably assured directorial debut featuring all the tension, subtlety and sophistication that characterise Claire Denis’ films, brought to life in a dazzling new 4K restoration.


  • Restored in 4K and presented in High Definition
  • Re-release trailer
  • Other extras TBC
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