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Gore In Venice Full Moon Blu-Ray [NEW]

Gore In Venice Full Moon Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Director Mario Landi's notorious 1979 Italian thriller GORE IN VENICE (aka GIALLO IN VENICE) remains one of the most harrowing examples of the European horror film, a shocker filled with sex, violence and graphic gore galore! Set against the picturesque canals of the famed Italian city, GORE IN VENICE follows the plight of Inspector Angelo De Paul (Jeff Blynn, WEAPONS OF DEATH), a cop assigned to investigate a horrifying series of murders that have gripped Venice and left the authorities baffled. As the bodies mount, De Paul gets sucked deeper and deeper into a sleazy mystery leading to a startling conclusion. Graphic bloodshed, lurid eroticism and unsavory characters fill every inch of this jaw-dropping Giallo classic, presented here totally uncut and remastered from the best available materials.

Bonus Materials

  • Trailers
  • For fans of Giallo films such as 'Deep Red' and 'The Bird with the Crystal Plumage'.
  • For fans of Italian movie starlet Leonora Fani (Hotel Fear, The House by The Edge of The Lake)
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