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Happy End Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

Happy End Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Oldřich Lipský's one-of-a-kind Czech black comedy employs an ingenious twist - telling the life story of a condemned murderer entirely in reverse: from his 'birth' at the guillotine, to his departure as an infant. Utilising the techniques of silent cinema, the film plays with the flow of cinematic time to audacious effect.

Starring the great Vladimír Menšík in a rare leading role, this wildly inventive and disarmingly hilarious Czech film predates the use of reverse-chronology narratives in more celebrated fiction, theatre and international cinema. Upending the usual narrative flow, Happy End is a darkly surreal Dadaist delight.

Now beautifully restored in 4K, Happy End makes its world premiere on Blu-ray.

 Happy End (Šťastný konec, 1967) presented from a new 4K restoration by the Czech National Film Archive.
• A Projection Booth audio commentary with Mike White, Kat Ellinger and Ben Buckingham.
 Cerise Howard on ‘Happy End’: a new video essay by the film critic and Program Director of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival
• Booklet featuring a new essay by Jonathan Owen.
• New and improved English subtitle translation.
• World premiere release on Blu-ray.
• Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C)

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