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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Severin Films Blu-Ray [NEW]

Journey To The Center Of The Earth Severin Films Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Continuing an illustrious tradition that began in the earliest days of cinema, Juan Piquer Simón - the writer/director of PIECES and EXTRA TERRESTRIAL VISITORS - and Severin Kids now bring one of Jules Verne's greatest works to Blu-ray: Kenneth More (of A NIGHT TO REMEMBER and SCROOGE fame) stars as the leader of a 19th-century expedition to the Earth's core that will reveal primordial wonders, prehistoric monsters and a subterranean civilization that may convey the greatest discovery of all. Frank Braña (SLUGS) and Jack Taylor (Jess Franco's COUNT DRACULA) co-star in this "enchanting film that provides genuine entertainment" (Cinema Retro) - also known as WHERE TIME BEGAN - scanned in 4K from the original negative for the first time ever.

Special Features

  • Movies Were His Life - Interview With Isabel Piquer, Juan Piquer Simón's Daughter
  • Reckless And Fearless - Interview With Star Ivonne Sentis
  • A Tale Of Fabulous Fantasy - Interview With Co-Writer Carlos Puerto
  • Trailer
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