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Pearls of the Deep Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

Pearls of the Deep Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

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A manifesto for a new generation of young filmmakers, Pearls of the Deep is one of the delights of the Czechoslovak New Wave.

Based on stories by Bohumil Hrabal, the film is a compendium of five films each demonstrating the differing styles of five emerging filmmakers: Jiří Menzel, Jan Němec, Evald Schorm, Věra Chytilová, and Jaromil Jireš.

Each vignette displays unique approaches to Hrabal's multi-faceted tales of ordinary people and odd obsessions. Ranging from the surreal to the satirical and the romantic, the films capture the essence and spirit of Hrabal's work, and emerge as a joyous rallying cry for subversion and artistic expression.

 Pearls of the Deep (Perličky na dně, 1965) presented from an HD transfer from the new 4K restoration created by the Czech National Film Archive.
• The two additional films based on stories by Bohumil Hrabal that were originally intended to be included in Pearls of the Deep:
Ivan Passer's A Boring Afternoon (Fádní odpoledne) and Juraj Herz's The Junk Shop (Sběrné surovosti) - all seven films presented together for the very first time.
 About Cats, Beatniks and All Sorts of Other Things (O kočkách, beatnicích a všeličems jiném): Rudolf Růžička’s 1967 short film on writer Bohumil Hrabal.
• Restoration trailer.
• Booklet featuring a substantial new essay by Peter Hames.
• New and improved English subtitle translation.
• World premiere release on Blu-ray.
• Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C)

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