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Primal Scream Dark Force Entertainment Blu-Ray [NEW]

Primal Scream Dark Force Entertainment Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Corby McHale's (Kenneth McGregor, X-Men) an ex-cop in a little trouble with the law. But what he doesn't know is that his troubles are just beginning...

The year is 1993. Earth's fuel sources are rapidly decaying. A recently established top-secret government project regarding the deep space mining of a revolutionary new energy source is under way- independently financed and protected at any cost by a mysterious corporation who motives may not be as pure as the gullible public is lead to believe. Code named: HELLFIRE, this new energy source in its stable form is 100% manageable - no fallout, no acid rain, no ill effects. In its unstable form, however, HELLFIRE is capable of igniting human flesh and completely disintegrating the body.

After underground protests its use result in the brutal murder of a high ranking corporate executive, the corporation's own motives come under investigation. And Corby McHale is caught right in the middle... Up against the rich and ruthless whose power has no limit and who will do anything to protect their deadly secret. The closer McHale gets to the solution, the deadlier the game becomes!



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Bonus Materials

  • 'Made A Movie, Lived To Tell' making of featurette
  • Audio commentary with director William Murray and crew members
  • 'Hellfire' 1981 Promo Reel
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