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Snuff 102 Limited Edition Massacre Video Blu-ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

Snuff 102 Limited Edition Massacre Video Blu-ray [NEW] [SLIPCOVER]

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Embark on a harrowing journey with a young journalist as she delves into the sinister realm of ‘snuff films’. What starts as an investigation turns into a nightmare of survival, as she becomes the unwilling star of the next gruesome on-camera spectacle. Bound, brutalized, and pushed to her limits, she’s forced to confront the darkest corners of human depravity. Will she find a way out, or become just another scene in a twisted filmmaker’s vision?

Massacre Video presents ‘Snuff 102,’ a film by the audacious Mariano Peralta, known for its place as one of the most controversial works in cinematic history. This unflinching horror masterpiece comes fully uncut and uncensored, offering a raw and intense viewing experience. Showcased with a striking visual restoration, ‘Snuff 102’ stands as a testament to the extreme edges of film artistry, pushing the boundaries of conventional cinema.

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