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The Dungeon Of Andy Milligan Collection Severin Films Blu-Ray/CD Box Set [NEW]

The Dungeon Of Andy Milligan Collection Severin Films Blu-Ray/CD Box Set [NEW]

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He's been described as "The Fassbinder of 42nd Street" (Artforum), "a celebration of hate" (Bleeding Skull) and "an unmatched voice from the underbelly of low-budget cinema" (Rue Morgue). More than a quarter century after his death, he remains perhaps the most divisive name in genre history. Severin Films now presents the cranium-cleaving collection devoted to writer/actor/director Andy Milligan - "a gay sadist who pioneered New York's avant-garde theater world and made astonishingly unique exploitation movies" (Diabolique Magazine) - on 8 Blu-rays featuring 14 surviving films from his NYC and London years, 10+ hours of trailers, outtakes, interviews & audio commentaries, a bonus CD and an all-new 128-page book by Stephen Thrower that explores the profane madness behind it all. From his provocative underground work through his international scuzz-horror classics, experience the venomous legacy of the filmmaker Time Magazine calls "depraved, degenerate, desperate, damned" like never before.


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Bonus Materials

  • DISC 1: Audio Commentary with Actor Hal Borske and Filmmaker Frank Henenlotter; Audio Commentary with’s Keith Crocker; Partial Audio Commentary with Filmmaker Fred Olen Ray; Trailer; BLOOD RITES Alternate Title Sequence; Ghastly & Depraved –
  • DISC 2: Audio Commentary with Film Scholars Vic Pratt and Will Fowler; Trailer; Audio Commentary with Actor Berwick Kaler & Film Scholar Stephen Thrower; Trailer
  • DISC 3: Audio Commentary with Milligan Historian Alex DiSanto; Trailers
  • DISC 4: The World of Andy Milligan – Locations Featurette Narrated by Temple of Schlock’s Chris Poggiali; Trailer
  • DISC 5: Party Sequence – Alternate Version; Trailers; Audio Commentary with’s Keith Crocker; Remembering Andy Milligan – Interview with Set Photographer Tom Vozza
  • DISC 6: Blood or Horror – Interview with Executive Producer Ken Lane; Legacy of Chris – Interview with Actor Chris Broderick; TV Spot
  • DISC 7: VAPORS (1965, 32 min); Trailer
  • DISC 8: TOGA PARTY (1979, 84 min); MONSTROSITY Trailer
  • DISC 9: The Bearded Lady’s Wake CD – Electronic Music by Frequent Milligan Collaborator Hal Borske
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