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The Great Alligator Severin Films 4K UHD/Blu-Ray [NEW]

The Great Alligator Severin Films 4K UHD/Blu-Ray [NEW]

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Director Sergio Martino (ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK) combines a monster reptile with an all-star EuroCult cast for one of the most outrageously entertaining Italian Jungle Carnage movies of them all, now in UHD for the first time ever: At the opening of a tropical resort, a photographer (Claudio Cassinelli of SLAVE OF THE CANNIBAL GOD), an anthropologist (Barbara Bach of THE SPY WHO LOVED ME) and an arrogant hotelier (Mel Ferrer of EATEN ALIVE!) are besieged by hostile natives, obnoxious tourists and a gargantuan river beast that intends to devour them all. Romano Puppo (ROBOWAR), Richard Johnson (ZOMBIE) and Silvia Collatina (THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY) co-star in this "top ten killer alligator/crocodile movie" (JoBlo), co-written by George Eastman (ANTHROPOPHAGOUS), Cesare Frugoni (SPIDER LABYRINTH) and Ernesto Gastaldi (ALMOST HUMAN), newly scanned in 4K from the original negative.

Special Features

  • Down By The River - Interview With Director Sergio Martino
  • Minou - Interview With Actress Silvia Collatina
  • Beware Of The Gator - Interview With Camera Operator Claudio Morabito
  • Later Alligator - Interview With Production Designer Antonello Geleng
  • Underwater - Interview With Underwater Camera Operator Gianlorenzo Battaglia
  • 3 Friends And An Alligator - Discussion With Cinematographer Giancarlo Ferrando, Production Designer Antonello Geleng And Special Effects Supervisor Paolo Ricci
  • Paradise House: Christianity And The Natural World In THE GREAT ALLIGATOR - Video Essay By Lee Gambin, Author Of Massacred By Mother Nature
  • Alligator Land - Antonello Geleng Shares Original Production Drawings
  • Trailer
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