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The Wolf House KimStim Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER]

The Wolf House KimStim Blu-Ray [PRE-ORDER]

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A fraught fever dream of a fairy tale from Chile inspired in part by the nightmarish goings-on at the Pinochet regime's "Colonia Dignidad" torture colony, The Wolf House is something like a Little Red Riding Hood narrated by the wolf, an unpredictable, malevolent shape-shifter of a movie shot over five years of painstaking labor, much of it on the extraordinary stop-motion effects that make up its bulk. A film of constant disorienting transformations and smothering claustrophobia, showing the spirit of unsettling experimental animation found in the works of Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica, and Jan Švankmajer is alive and well.


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Bonus Materials

  • Disc includes Collected Short Films by Joaquín Cociña and Cristóbal León -WEATHERVENE by Joaquín Cociña (2010 / 3’25”) -DER KLEINERE RAUM (THE SMALLER ROOM) by Cristóbal León and Nina Wehrle (2009 / 2’21”) -LA BRUJA Y EL AMANTE (THE WITCH AND THE LOVE
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