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Twilight Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

Twilight Second Run Blu-Ray [NEW]

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A seasoned detective investigates a series of child murders, succumbing to an all-consuming and tragic obsession with the case, finding empty solace in his quest for vengeance. What emerges is not a crime story, but a harrowing venture through the darkness of the human soul.

Twilight unfolds with breathtaking cinematography and haunting sound design, allowing the mystery to emerge in tantalisingly atmospheric and meditative fashion.

Based on writings by Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt - also the basis for Sean Penn’s impressive 2001 film The Pledge starring Jack Nicholson - György Fehér’s hypnotic, transcendent adaptation is a unique and haunting experience.

Second Run are delighted to present György Fehér’s masterpiece - legendary, long unseen and most desired, now making its world premiere on Blu-ray in a stunning new 4K restoration.


  • Twilight (Szürkület, 1990) presented from the new 4K restoration by the National Film Institute Hungary - Film Archive, supervised and approved by cinematographer Miklós Gurbán.
  • A series of exclusive newly filmed appreciations by filmmakers: Quay Brothers, Peter Strickland, James Norton and critic Chris Fujiwara.
  • Newly filmed interviews with Twilight editor Mária Czeilk and cinematographer Miklós Gurbán.
  • Booklet featuring an expansive new essay by filmmaker and curator Stanley Schtinter.
  • Trailer
  • New and improved English subtitle translation.
  • World premiere on Blu-ray.
  • Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C).
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