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Wim Wenders Limited Edition A Curzon Collection Blu-Ray Box Set [NEW]

Wim Wenders Limited Edition A Curzon Collection Blu-Ray Box Set [NEW]

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This authoritative 22-disc collection encompasses the 50-year career of award-winning filmmaker Wim Wenders. Alongside his masterpieces Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, the collection features his electrifying debut The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty, his classic road movie trilogy (Alice in the Cities, Wrong Move and Kings of the Road), the director’s cut of Until the End of the World and the acclaimed documentaries Buena Vista Social Club, Pina and The Salt of the Earth. The collection also features a wealth of extras, an illustrated booklet, film posters and four Polaroid images shot by the filmmaker.


  • Hardcover lay flat book in a canvas slipcase.
  • New 4K digital restorations of Wings of Desire, Kings of the Road, The American Friend, The State of Things, Tokyo-Ga, Notebook on Cities and Clothes, Until the End of the World, Lisbon Story, The Million Dollar Hotel, Wrong Move and The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty approved by director Wim Wenders.
  • New 2K digital restorations of Paris, Texas and Alice in the Cities.
  • New masterclasses and interviews with Wim Wenders filmed in London in summer 2022.
  • 7 short films by Wim Wenders: Same Player Shoots Again, Silver City Revisited, From the Family of Reptiles, The Island, Room 666, Reverse Angle, Arisha, the Bear and the Stone Ring
  • Over 50 Special Features including exclusive interviews, deleted scenes, commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, music videos, original and restored theatrical trailers.
  • PLUS: 22-page booklet, five collectible polaroids by Wim Wenders, three A3 theatrical posters.
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